Mandy Rose Confirms WWE's Explanation for Her Release

Mandy Rose's sudden release from the WWE last month left many fans shocked and frustrated that the former NXT Women's Champion was gone from the promotion. It was reported in the days following her release that WWE's decision had to do with higher-ups learning about her profile on the fan subscription service FanTime and that the risque photos and videos she was uploading were deemed "too explicit" and a breach in her WWE contract. Rose has continued to operate the page ever since her release and has since earned a million dollars off of subscriptions. 

However, Rose has since insisted in interviews that it wasn't the content of her FanTime page that caused the release, but rather that the profile existed in the first place. WWE attempted to wipe out wrestlers' partnerships with third-party companies like Twitch and OnlyFans during the pandemic, but it seemed as though those rules were loosened once Vince McMahon (initially) departed the company last July. 

"I wasn't told about racy images (being the reason I was fired)," Rose told The New York Post this week. "I wasn't told about anything else. I was told about the subscription-based platform." 

Rose also discussed her frustration with her 413-day reign as NXT Women's Champion coming to an abrupt end the day before her release. As the leader of the Toxic Attraction trio, Rose had effectively run the NXT Women's Division ever since the NXT 2.0 reboot back in 2021. 

"For me to lose the title on such a whim on a random Tuesday night with zero storytelling and zero promotion leading up to the match was a shocker. I was very caught off guard," Rose added. "...Of course I was disappointed. But the emotions really set in after the match."

In a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, Rose kept the door open for a possible return to the WWE but noted that negotiations about keeping her FanTime page up would have to take place. Do you think Rose will ever step back inside a WWE ring? Could she go somewhere else like AEW or Impact? Or will the popularity of her FanTime page lead to her hanging up her boots? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!