More Details Revealed on Logan Paul's Deal With WWE

Today WWE shocked everyone when it revealed it had signed YouTube star Logan Paul, and he wasted no time reviving his feud with The Miz after Miz turned on him at WrestleMania 38. Paul turned in an impressive performance at WrestleMania, which was his first WWE match, and now some new details have come to light about his new WWE deal courtesy of Ariel Helwani. Helwani took to social media to share that the deal is a multi-year deal and the deal includes an undisclosed number of premium live events in 2022 and 2023. You can find the full post below.

While there was no start date officially attached to the deal, Helwani said he was told that Paul will have his first big appearance at SummerSlam but could end up being featured on television before the event. That said, Raw nor SmackDown was mentioned, so it's not known which brand he will end up being a part of.

Helwani wrote "Logan Paul has signed a deal with WWE, @LoganPaul just announced on Twitter. Per sources, it's a multi-year deal to compete at multiple events per year. No return date set but could be next month at Summerslam. MIZ would make a lot of sense."

Helwani added more details, writing "Additional details per sources: Deal includes an undisclosed number of premium live events across 2022 and 2023. He'll likely, I'm told, have his first big appearance at SS but could be on TV before that. He signed his deal yesterday."

On Paul's Impaulsive podcast, Paul talked about the match at WrestleMania, saying "It is electric. When there is someone you love in that ring and doing those the way, I didn't practice any of those moves. That surface is hard, it is not bouncy, it is not a trampoline, there is no give. It is plywood, it's wood. 'Wrestling is fake.' Shut the f*** up, I am sore. The left side of my body kills me right now. Those are real slams, they hurt."

"In practice even, doing those moves, you're going to compromise your body ahead of the match. So you can do it on the crashpad as much as you want, but when I hit the three amigos -- Rey had done it earlier in the match, it was a callback to Eddie Guerrero and his whole shimmy, it was a little disrespectful that I did the move he just did -- I had never practiced a suplex like that. I threw my legs up, I'm airborne, on the second one, my head snapped back and I thought for sure, 'I just got a concussion.' I'm looking up at the lights, 'whatever, it's WrestleMania.' The adrenaline is crazy, the crowd is going nuts," Paul said.

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