Logan Paul Breaks Down WWE In-Ring Debut at WrestleMania, Knows He's Good at This

There's a lot to process after the spectacle that was WrestleMania 38, including the celebrity matches that occupied both nights. One of the more impressive celebrity outings was by Logan Paul, who had his first WWE match in a Tag Team with The Miz and it didn't take long to see that he's a natural. Paul impressed a lot of fans during the match, especially after he started commanding big heat by taunting the audience with Eddie Guerrero's trademark moves. On the newest episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Paul discussed his WWE in-ring debut, including how much hitting the mat hurts, how he hopes to bridge the gap between the WWE world and the mainstream world, and that while he wants to be humble, he's good at this.

First Paul talked about being in the ring, saying "It is electric. When there is someone you love in that ring and doing those moves....by the way, I didn't practice any of those moves. That surface is hard, it is not bouncy, it is not a trampoline, there is no give. It is plywood, it's wood. 'Wrestling is fake.' Shut the f*** up, I am sore. The left side of my body kills me right now. Those are real slams, they hurt."

"In practice even, doing those moves, you're going to compromise your body ahead of the match. So you can do it on the crashpad as much as you want, but when I hit the three amigos -- Rey had done it earlier in the match, it was a callback to Eddie Guerrero and his whole shimmy, it was a little disrespectful that I did the move he just did -- I had never practiced a suplex like that. I threw my legs up, I'm airborne, on the second one, my head snapped back and I thought for sure, 'I just got a concussion.' I'm looking up at the lights, 'whatever, it's WrestleMania.' The adrenaline is crazy, the crowd is going nuts," Paul said.

As for the Guerrero heat, he didn't know much about him before, and it wasn't meant as a disrespectful gesture towards Guerrero. "I didn't know much about him, but then I realized that most of the moves I was practicing and doing, I don't know why, but my physicality lends myself to his moves. When I did the shimmy on the top rope, everyone was booing. No disrespect to Eddie Guerrero. We love Eddie Guerrero," Paul said.

Then Paul talked a bit about the possibility of doing more with WWE. "I don't have a WWE fanbase, I think that's why they like me," Paul said. "I believe part of my value comes in bridging the gap between mainstream and the WWE world. If I do end up getting more involved, I would love to help bridge that gap with WWE. I think there is a way to make a mainstream, viral, cultural phenomenon with WWE."

Paul seems to have a natural talent for in-ring performing, and he knows it. "I want to be humble, and I will, but I'm good at this. I realized my whole life, I've been throwing my body off of things, I'm flexible, I do these stunts," Paul said.

H/T Fightful