Watch: The Undertaker Reacts to Vince McMahon's Stunner at WWE WrestleMania 38

WWE WrestleMania 38 was home to what will likely be the last on-screen encounter between Vince McMahon and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Following Vince's impromptu victory over Pat McAfee, the class shattered inside AT&T Stadium, signaling the arrival of the Texas Rattlesnake. Fresh off his victory over Kevin Owens the night before, Austin hit the ring to confront his longtime rival, feigning friendliness before dropping the boss with a stunner. While most stunners happen in a flash, Vince stumbled backwards after the initial gut kick, leading to Austin taking a couple seconds to get him in position for the finisher.

Social media had a field day with the botched spot, and it appears those jokes extended to the WWE locker room. As revealed in a new WWE 24 clip, The Undertaker was sitting in gorilla position after Vince's segment with Austin and wasted no time in cracking jokes.

"You could've just quit when you took your shirt off," Taker said. "It was f--king right off the cliff after that."

"I lost my shoes," Vince responded.

"I wish you lost your way to the ring!" Taker replied.

WWE WrestleMania 38 was a big weekend for Taker, as the multi-decade veteran was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, two years after his final match. That contest was a cinematic-style match against AJ Styles at WWE WrestleMania 36. Taker recently revealed that his retirement match being crowd-less might have been a blessing in disguise, as he noted he "would have been a wreck" in front of a live audience.

"Even though I knew I was done, and it was over, I didn't want to cry. I didn't want to break down. I was still trying to protect that character. I was like, man if I'm out here in front of a live audience, I mean you saw how hard of a time I had at that at the Hall of Fame and that's another year or two later, I would have been a wreck because I didn't want to retire," Taker reflected earlier this year. "In my mind, in my heart, there's nothing more that I want to do than get in the ring and perform. It was my body that just said, 'No, you're done dude, We got everything out of this we can get, and it's time for you to move aside and let these guys come up.'"