Will Ospreay Hopes Ricochet Joins AEW: "There Are People Here That Genuinely Appreciate His Work."

Ospreay and Ricochet had a critically-acclaimed rivalry on the indies in the 2010s.

Will Ospreay and Ricochet will be tethered to one another for the rest of their careers. The two innovative high-flyers set the wrestling world on fire in 2016, having multiple matches that need to be seen to be believed. Their last in-ring encounter came in August 2017 for WhatCulture Pro Wrestling. From there, Ospreay and Ricochet went their separate ways. Ospreay put his focus in New Japan Pro Wrestling while Ricochet signed with WWE and began competing for NXT. Today, Ospreay is a centerpiece of All Elite Wrestling and Ricochet competes on WWE Monday Night Raw and is also the champion of the newly-launched WWE Speed digital series.

(Photo: NJPW)

"I keep up with him all the time and sometimes I get a little bit sad about it. I hope he's not sad and I hope he's real happy. I keep up with him as much as I can, but I feel like people are forgetting who Ricochet was once upon a time," Ospreay told ComicBook. "All of these high-flyers that you see, and myself included, we all took inspiration from Pac and Ricochet."

That "little bit sad" feeling from Ospreay is a response to Ricochet's booking in WWE. The 35-year-old has had start-stop momentum during his six years in the sports-entertainment giant, having yet to reach the main event scene on the main roster.

"The fact that they only value his time for under five minutes is appalling to me," Ospreay continued, referencing Ricochet's current position on WWE Speed, a social media wrestling show that limits its matches to three minutes. "I just want people to remember who he is. If you go and look at 2012-2013 Dragon Gate Ricochet, he was untouchable at the time. When it came to this generation of high-flyers, he was the greatest. He's the greatest high-flyer ever. I know it sounds weird, but I do include put him on the same level as Rey Mysterio."

There had been rumblings that Ricochet's WWE contract is due up at some point this summer. Whenever that time comes, Ospreay encourages the One and Only to "bet on himself."

"I don't know how much longer he has got in his contract, but I think it might be up soon, man, I don't know. I want him to know that there are people here that genuinely appreciate his work and I want to wrestle him again. I want him back here," Ospreay added. "I want him to know that there isn't a bar. You are the f--king bar. 

"I just want to see him with more time and ability to showcase himself how I saw him. He's one of the best going, and if the opportunity presents itself, I think he should bet on himself. I think he should remind himself that he's one of the best high-flyers to ever do it. If it means he's got to come for me, then do it, boss, because I'm right here waiting for you."

Ospreay challenges AEW International Champion Roderick Strong for his title this Sunday, May 26th at AEW Double or Nothing.