Asuka Reportedly Didn't Know She Was Winning the Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank

It's been a pretty wild week for Asuka. On Sunday night she beat out five other women at WWE [...]

It's been a pretty wild week for Asuka. On Sunday night she beat out five other women at WWE Headquarters to win the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Then the following night Becky Lynch walked out to the ring with her briefcase, revealing that the aforementioned ladder match was secretly for the vacated Raw Women's Championship, since she had recently learned she was pregnant and was stepping away from the business for the time being. Asuka had a look of shock on her face when Lynch told her, and while it hasn't been confirmed whether or not she knew about Lynch's announcement before the show started, PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported this week that her sudden Raw Women's Championship reign came as a complete surprise

"We are told that Asuka didn't know when she taped Money in the Bank (4/15) that she was actually winning the Raw Women's title as WWE kept all discussion private," Johnson wrote. "There were a number of people who were there at the taping yesterday who legitimately had no idea Lynch was pregnant until the segment was taped."

By winning the championship, Asuka became the second female Grand Slam Champion in WWE history behind Bayley. She's also the first woman to ever win the Raw, SmackDown, NXT Women's and WWE Women's Tag Team Championships along with the Women's Money in the Bank and Women's Royal Rumble match, making her one of the most decorated female athletes in company history.

No word yet on who her first challenger will be.

"I am so happy [for Lynch]. I had so many matches with her and I have a strong connection with her," Asuka said while appearing on The Bump on Wednesday morning. "I think we both felt the same way. I think she likes to have matches with me. I think she was relieved that I got the Money in the Bank because she knew I could take good care of it."

Lynch revealed in an interview with PEOPLE Magazine that her due date is scheduled for December.

"I've always, always wanted kids," Lynch said. "I'm just so career-focused that it became one of those things that, when you're chasing a dream for so long, I always wondered, 'Am I going to get around to it? Is it going to happen for me?'"