Why is Becky Lynch's New WWE Shirt Just a Lemon?

Becky Lynch's new official shirt is the end result of an inside joke...

Becky Lynch arrived on this week's Monday Night Raw sporting her new shirt from WWE Shop, which is a picture of a giant lemon with her name written on the sleeve. Without context, this is an incredibly strange choice for a wrestling shirt. But if you know the backstory it makes a little more sense. Lynch has been feuding with Trish Stratus over the past few months and all signs pointed to their rivalry culminating in a match at SummerSlam at Ford Field Stadium in Detroit. However, their third match was instead announced for the Aug. 14 episode of Monday Night Raw and neither were booked for SummerSlam weekend. This decision, combined with the fact that Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley didn't have a SummerSlam match, upset many fans online.

Lynch poked fun at the situation during SummerSlam weekend, posting a photo of her holding a lemon and writing, "Making lemonade with all these lemons I've been given. What's everyone else up to this weekend?" 

Triple H on SummerSlam Booking Backlash

Paul "Triple H" Levesque addressed the Lynch/Stratus/Ripley situation during the SummerSlam post-show press conference. Whether intentionally or not, he wound up mentioning the old saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

"There was a lot of banter I saw this week about matches being cut, which is the word that was used. But nothing was cut. There was no card announced. If we don't have more things in the pocket ready to go for a PLE than can fit in the PLE, I've done a terrible job," Levesque said. "Because there's always an injury waiting around the corner. There's always a moment that changes everything. And when one creative thing changes, it changes the trajectory of everything. So if you don't have more stuff than you need ready to go, you've failed. Then you get to the unfortunate place where, 'I've got too much stuff.' I don't know about any of you, that show as plenty long tonight. If it would've been longer, it would've been bad. 

"So there comes a time when you say, 'Well does everything get shorter time? Does everything get rushed? Or do we move things around and shift it and give it a bigger spotlight?' As a performer, for me, I'd rather have the bigger spotlight," he added.


Triple H seemingly takes a shot at Becky Lynch’s Lemonade Tweet she put out the other day… Triple H’s Booking has been heavily criticized as of late even in this Media Stream, what is everyones thoughts on this!? • • credit: WWE • #fyp #wwe #tripleh #wrestletok #summerslam #prowrestling #wrestletok #interview #beckylynch #wwewomen #tiktok #explore #prowrestlingtiktok

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Becky Lynch's Lemon Shirt Explained

This brings us back to Lynch's lemon shirt. She appeared on Raw last week at the commentary desk while sipping some lemonade, keeping the inside joke alive before debuting her new shirt this week. The long-awaited match with Stratus turned out to be another false alarm as it eventually resulted in the pair both getting counted out as they brawled their way through the crowd. Adam Pearce then announced Lynch & Stratus' next match would be inside of a Steel Cage.

What do you make of this whole running joke? Are you going to buy Lynch's new shirt? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!