WWE's Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins Recreate La La Land for WrestleMania

WWE has been hitting it out of the park with a series of movie and TV parodies, including Joker, Stranger Things, Top Gun, and more. The latest entry in the series brings back Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins after their hilarious turn as Joker and Batman and features them in a recreation of La La Land's famous poster. Both are clad in white and are on the street by the lamp post from the original poster and under the same starry sky. The little touches are fun, like that Rollins and Lynch are featured as stars, and that the text underneath says "From the visionary mind of Seth Rollins." You can check it out below.

In the upper post of the poster the text reads "Here's to the fools who dream", and you can find the full poster below. Most of the movie parodies have also had trailers to go with them, so perhaps we might see a full trailer for the Rollins and Lynch starring La La Land? We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime both stars are focused on WrestleMania 39.

Lynch will be teaming up with Lita and Trish Stratus to take on Damage CTRL at WrestleMania, while Rollins will be facing Logan Paul. Rollins has had a lot to say about Paul, who has come in hitting the ground running with several impressive performances, but Rollins isn't sold that he's bringing anything back to the business.

"The guy doesn't care about nothing but himself. I can respect the hustle, alright, I really do because it takes hustle to get to where he is at and to get the opportunities that he's got, but at the end of the day, it's about passion. No one is just going to suit up and play in the NFL football because they're a social media superstar, right? They're going to get creamed. So he's going to step into my world, and he's going to get creamed," Rollins said.

"Look, if you want to contribute and give back to our industry...you're a fan of it, and you love it, right Pat? You're a fan of it, you love it, you give back to it, you talk about it any chance you get, and you put it over. You love it. That's not him, dude," he continued. "That's not him. He's in it for himself. He's in it for his own gain. So, I don't want you apart of my business if you're going to leech off it and you're going to take from it," Paul said.

"Great if you're going to help out and you're going to make everything as good as you can, but if you're going to come and do it for you...and look I can only judge what he's done in the past. His own history, because that's foretelling for the future. That's why I don't like the guy. That's why I don't dig the guy and he's going to go rub it in on social media. He's going to talk his talk, but he don't want to say nothing to my face," Paul said.

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