Latest Hints on Where Braun Strowman is Headed Following WWE Relase

Braun Strowman (real name Adam Scherr) was one of the six wrestlers released by WWE back on June 2 and has since dropped a few teases about what's next for his pro wrestling career. Fans have started noticing that some of his recent tweets have included the repeating hastag "#Titan," leading to speculation that will be at least part of his new name going forward since WWE owns the copyright on his "Monster Among Men" persona.

On top of all of that, Scott D'Amore jokingly said in a Twitch clip earlier this week he was on the "Road to Braun for Glory," teasing Strowman's possible arrival in Impact Wrestling. The company's annual pay-per-view is scheduled for Oct. 23 in Las Vegas.

Strowman claimed late last year in an interview with Lilian Garcia that if he was ever let go by the WWE, he'd retire from the pro wrestling business. Obviously, that now no longer seems to be the case.

"I've said it time and time again: the day I take my wrestling boots off for WWE is the day I stop wrestling," Strowman said. "I will not wrestle for anyone else. I've been given an opportunity from Vince McMahon and from WWE at life that I would have never gotten [anywhere else]. I told him a long time ago, the day I take my boots off from you, I'm done. And I mean that."


Do you think Impact is a good landing spot for Strowman? How does Titan sound as a new wrestling name? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments!