Dominik Mysterio Has Beef With Rey Mysterio Over Him Winning the WWE United States Championship

Dominik Mysterio clearly still has issues with his father...

Both Dominik Mysterio and Rey Mysterio are currently champions in WWE, with Dominik holding the NXT North American Championship while Rey recently won the United States Championship from Austin Theory. But in typical "Dirty Dom" fashion, the young star took issue with his father finding success. He pointed out on The Bump this week how there's overlap between the two championships (since the United States is within North America) and accused Rey of trying to overshadow his son's success. 

"I think it's kind of sad that he feels the need to win a title to try and overshadow what I'm doing. But it doesn't matter because he's the United States Champion. I'm the champion of all of North America, which includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico," Dominik said (h/t SEScoops). "I'm pretty sure I'm the only North American champion that's ever actually taken this title to Canada, Mexico and the US. But I think it's kind of sad that my dad feels the need to try and overshadow me with his singles title but whatever, he's a deadbeat."

Could Rey Mysterio Beat His Son for the NXT North American Title?

Meanwhile, Rey actually teased the idea of beating Dom for his title on a separate episode of The Bump — "The fact that he's succeeding and becoming his own person, he's already his own person. You don't know how many times I would have loved to call him up and say, 'Congratulations, son, you're really killing it.' But it hurts," Mysterio said. Unfortunately, I can't do it, and that really hurts. I wish things would be different. But as a father, despite our differences. I'm extremely proud of what he's doing and what he's conquering. He just better not step in the ring with me because I will take that North American Title."

The Mysterios haven't clashed since WrestleMania 39. Do you think it'll happen again in the near future? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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