Edge Mocks Seth Rollins on WWE's The Bump With Goofy Outfit

Edge may have a match with Roman Reigns slotted for Sunday's Money in the Bank, but he still took [...]

Edge may have a match with Roman Reigns slotted for Sunday's Money in the Bank, but he still took the opportunity to poke fun at Seth Rollins during his appearance on this week's edition of The Bump. "The Rated-R Superstar" arrived at the show wearing sunglasses and a robe while drinking from a mug that read "Tears of My Enemies." He said, "Well, I saw Seth Rollins on here a little while ago and he had on a bathrobe and bad sunglasses, so I thought I'd get my girls' Minecraft shades and get my buffalo plaid robe. I thought it was required attire, is that not the case?"

Edge vs. Rollins has been rumored to be one of WWE's big matches planned for SummerSlam next month, and WWE seems to have already gotten that ball rolling. When Edge returned from hiatus he immediately jumped in front of Rollins to take the next shot at Reigns' Universal Championship. Rollins was on the episode of Talking Smack where Edge vs. Reigns was confirmed and proceeded to lose his cool.

The man formerly known as the "Monday Night Messiah" will be apart of Sunday's Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match. If he doesn't bring home the briefcase, it wouldn't be a shocker if he wound up costing Edge the Universal Championship to continue the build.

Rollins has been out of the world championship picture since losing to Drew McIntyre at last year's Money in the Bank. However, his absence from the main event picture doesn't seem to bother the four-time world champion.

"I always take it to the next level when it comes to WrestleMania," Rollins said in an interview with Sports Illustrated in April. "And here's the thing: I'm not Roman Reigns. He is going to be on the top of the card. That's not necessarily my thing. I want to have the best performance of the night. That's my thing. You mentioned some of the past WrestleMania matches I've had and they didn't always come at the end of the show. No matter where I'm at on the card, I'm looking to steal the show. I've dedicated my life to this. I don't care about being the top of the card; I care about being the best."