WWE Hall of Famer Campaigns to Join The Judgment Day

What began as a two-man unit between Edge and Damian Priest has expanded into Monday Night Raw's most dominant faction. The Judgment Day currently boasts the talents of Priest, Finn Balor, Dominik Mysterio and women's Royal Rumble winner Rhea Ripley. The group excommunicated Edge last June, welcoming Balor into their ranks. Months later, Dominik would join the fold, linking up with the mysterious stable after WWE Clash at the Castle. In the six months since Dominik joined, The Judgment Day has remained a four-man unit, with no clear aspirations of expansion.

That could change if a WWE Hall of Famer gets his way.

"My name is Mick Foley, and I am seeking gainful employment of Judgment Day," Foley said in a video resume posted to Facebook.


JUDGMENT DAY RESUME If you will give me just one minute of your time, I will give you the finest video résumé you have ever seen… and one that could change the landscape of professional wrestling…forever! Video by Casey Hopkins

Posted by Mick Foley on Monday, March 6, 2023

Foley has not wrestled since the 2012 men's Royal Rumble match, with his last bout in traditional competition coming at a 2011 independent show. That said, Foley has been an on-again, off-again staple of WWE programming over the past decade, serving in on-screen management roles and making surprise appearances for promo segments.

"I bring to the table 40 years of wrestling experience. I'm known as the king of the death match. Three-time WWE Champion, two terms at the top of the New York Times bestseller list," Foley continued. "Most importantly for the task at hand, I, like Dom Mysterio, have done hard time."

Despite his accomplishments, Foley admitted that his qualifications today are not up to the physical standard of The Judgment Day.

"I know I may not seem like the perfect candidate," Foley added. "After all, I do not have the strength of a Rhea Ripley, the coolness and the abdominal development of a Finn Balor, the leadership skills and mysterious aura of Damian Priest, or the athleticism of Dominick Mysterio. I do have a unique set of talent and skills that can benefit The Judgment Day."

That skillset involves the fact that he has been thrown off of Hell in a Cell twice, been set on fire with Terry Funk multiple times, but most importantly, Foley possesses grit. This led to Foley's cameraman and son interrupting, reminding the former Mankind that that was Edge's catchphrase. This led to Foley promising to bring a "wholesome energy and presence" to the faction if he is instated.

While this video is played for laughs, it could be setting up a WWE TV appearance for Foley in the near future. Balor is set to face Edge at WWE WrestleMania 39 in a Hell in a Cell match, and with Foley specifically listing his expertise in that bout, it could lead to Cactus Jack making his way to Monday Night Raw to give the Prince some pointers.