John Cena Plays Coy About Wrestling at WWE SummerSlam

The biggest rumor for WWE's SummerSlam event right now is that John Cena will return to the [...]

The biggest rumor for WWE's SummerSlam event right now is that John Cena will return to the company and face Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. It's the second-biggest match WWE can possibly book right now beyond Reigns vs. The Rock and would make SummerSlam the biggest WWE event of the year (the company reportedly wants the August event to be "this year's WrestleMania"). But Cena still hasn't popped up on WWE TV since losing the Firefly Fun House to Bray Wyatt back at WrestleMania 36 and has been avoiding the topic during recent interviews while promoting F9.

"Hopefully enjoying the summer, I don't know," Cena said when Tara Hitchcock tried to bring up the subject of plans for Aug. 21. The @WWEonFOX Twitter account even shared the short clip.

Whenever Cena does return, he has stated in the past that he wants to keep the storyline that started with Wyatt rolling. The 16-time former world champion was forced to relive his greatest career failures while trying to fight The Fiend, only to get hit with Sister Abigail and pinned.

"I don't think it's about topping what you've done. I think it's about correctly continuing a narrative," Cena said in an interview with Den of Geek back in May. "And I think that's the most important thing. I mean, I main evented two WrestleMania's with The Rock and then the very next WrestleMania I was in the middle of the card against the newcomer, and then I would move further shifting through the card against other veritable newcomers for tertiary titles or up to the point of being a fan at one point. But that was my contribution to the narrative. It wasn't like I was jumping up and down saying, "I was the main event, so I need to continue being a main event.'"

"I always found a real sense of satisfaction contributing where I could, because I know that the idea of the sense of complacency with performers is high. And they always want to be at the top spot and there is only one top spot. But I believe a spot is a chance to contribute," Cena said. "So it won't be about that. It will simply be if there is an enthralling and correct continuation to the narrative. I really, really want to get back to WWE... I do look forward to returning. It won't be about topping a Firefly Funhouse match. The first question I'll ask is 'Why?' And the next question I'll ask is 'Where do we go after that?' And if I get, 'I don't know' to both of them, that's cool because that means I can come up with my own thing."