WWE: It's Time For A New Day Civil War

The stars are aligning my friends for WWE's greatest tag team of all time to cross a threshold [...]

The stars are aligning my friends for WWE's greatest tag team of all time to cross a threshold that many might have never believed would happen, as a New Day brawl where each of the members battles one another for supremacy might be in the cards, and if it's not, it certainly should be. With The New Day splitting up to a degree as Big E was brought to Smackdown as his own solo act and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods remaining as a part of Monday Night Raw, a "Civil War," between the trio might be inevitable.

So why would this inner battle take place between the three partners who have never raised hands against one another within World Wrestling Entertainment? Well, the answer is simple enough in that it looks like Kofi Kingston and Big E are on a collision course when it comes to the world championship belt, or at least we hope that they might be. Kofi is set to battle against Bobby Lashley for the World Heavyweight Championship Belt at this week's Money In The Bank, and Big E himself is currently a part of the Money In The Banks Men's Match in order to get a potential shot at the belt as well.

WWE New Day Civil War
(Photo: WWE)

Previously, Big E had a run not only as one of the longest holders of a tag-team championship belt but also with his recent much shorter stint as the Intercontinental Champion. Having recently lost the belt against Apollo Crews, it seems as though the largest member of the New Day has his sights set on a higher tier of gold.

Rest assured, however, we definitely wouldn't want to see bad blood between the trio, with the potential match not breaking up the tag team but rather, having the possible heavyweight championship belt match take place on friendly terms between Big E and Kofi Kingson, with Woods caught in the middle. It's something we haven't seen yet within the WWE and it would make for an insane match that would definitely be worthy of the main event for pay-per-view events such as WrestleMania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble, or the Survivor Series.

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