WWE NXT's Candice LeRae Would Love to Play DC's Huntress

Candice LeRae has been on the rise as a member of WWE NXT's roster, but what if were to enter the [...]

Candice LeRae has been on the rise as a member of WWE NXT's roster, but what if were to enter the world of DC Universe next? Initially coming to the NXT brand as a more heroic persona before she and her husband, Johnny Gargano, both set out on their darker paths, LeRae has shown that she has quite the range. This ability to dynamically shift her character to her current villainous "Poison Pixie" persona shows that she definitely has a great eye for more complex heroes with darker shades of grey.

In an interview with ComicBook.com's Matt Aguilar, Candice LeRae was asked about which Marvel or DC character she would like to bring to life someday. LeRae quickly chose the DC Comics vigilante, Huntress, due to her love of comics making the character stand out in her mind from early on in her fandom.

Candice LeRae broke down her desire to take on Huntress as such, "I always have a hard time with these things, but she popped in my head. I was like, 'That's it. That's who we're going to go with, because I love Hunters so much.'" LeRae even admitted that while she and Gargano are fans of the other major company, her love of Batman goes back further than that, "...I know that Johnny and I are more Marvel people now, but originally we're both very Batman crazy people."

WWE NXT Candice LeRae DC Comics Huntress
(Photo: DC Comics / WWE)

This love of Batman goes back to LeRae's youth and the Adam West starred show, "I used to watch when I was little, the Adam West Batman and loved it." But as she got older, that love turned her toward comics and Huntress, "...as I got older, I started getting a little bit into comic books and I read [Batman: Hush] and it's like, 'Oh my god.' I just, ah, I love it. And so Huntress is one of my favorite parts of it."

It's no wonder Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano have been able to throw themselves completely into their current comic book villainy because their fandom reaches way back. As for LeRae, maybe Huntress isn't too far off from the WWE NXT Superstar? Surely WWE fans wouldn't mind if she threw her hat in the ring! But what do you think? Would Candice LeRae make a great Huntress? Which DC Universe story would you want to see her take on? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!