WWE NXT Star Reportedly Sidelined Due to Injury

Those who have been watching WWE NXT lately have probably noticed the absence of Cora Jade, who was a major presence on WWE TV since debuting as part of NXT 2.0. Since then she's been a big part of the NXT Women's Championship scene, but she hasn't wrestled on TV since January 20th. A new report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter states that she is sidelined with an undisclosed injury, and it took place "nearly two months ago". WWE hasn't addressed the injury as of yet, and neither has Jade, but if she is injured, we wish her all the best and a speedy recovery.

The two months aspect of that does coincide with her last match, which was a match against Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship at NXT's live event in Fort Pierce, Florida. Her last televised match was the NXT Women's Battle Royal, which was quite memorable since she was eliminated several times.

It was also surprising to see Jade deactivate her Twitter account recently, though her Instagram is still up and running. There she shared a photo from a match during her Elayna Black days, asking if the ending could be changed, and she previously stated she would return when she was ready after questions about a return to the ring.

Jade has had the chance to work with several SmackDown superstars since becoming a fixture of NXT, including Natalya and Raquel Rodriguez. She had a full program with Natalya last year, and in an interview with Fightful, she revealed that Natalya was the first women's wrestler she loved and called a favorite.

"It's crazy, especially because Natalya was the very first women's wrestler that I decided was my favorite. I loved the pink and black hair and her look. She was my favorite at the time, this was before AJ Lee came. My first initial female role model was Natalya. That was a real story when I went to a house show, and she pointed to me in the crowd, and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world," Jade said.

To be able to work with her is, to this day, my favorite match I've ever had. It was so much fun. Obviously, to be able to work with someone I looked up to, but I think I grew so much as a wrestler and performer. Not only in the ring but hearing her brain and how she thinks about things and why you do things," Jade said.

Jade and Perez have also had a lengthy feud, though they started out as friends and even won the NXT Women's Tag Team Championships by defeating Toxic Attraction. Jade then quickly turned on Perez and those Titles were vacated, and ever since Jade and Perez have been taking shots at each other. It would culminate with Perez finally getting the best of Jade, at least for now, and we'll have to see if they feud again when (or if) Jade returns to WWE.

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H/T Fightful