WWE: What All the Numbers in the Latest White Rabbit QR Code Mean

WWE dropped the latest QR Code connected to the mysterious White Rabbit on this week's Monday Night Raw. And while the clip itself was loaded with footage from pro wrestling events of the past, the numbers sprinkled throughout the video tell a much different story. The first was the number that flashed at the end of the video, 40701. That's a zip code for an area of southern Kentucky with its largest town being Corbin. Bray Wyatt, whom many believe is behind all of these videos, had his final match before transforming into The Fiend against Baron Corbin on a house show on Dec. 30, 2018. 

On top of that, there is apparently a White Rabbit Records as well as hotel called Baymont by Wyndham Corbin. All of this favors the theory that this is the work of Bray Wyatt.


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Next, there are the coordinates inside the caption of the video. When added to Google Maps, they take you to a location known as "The outline of pink bunny" in Artesina, Italy. This is actually a hill known as Colletto Fava, located in Italy's Piedmont region. In 2005, artists from the Viennese group Gelitin erected a massive stuffed punk bunny, called Hase (German for hare), with its guts spilling out. The artwork was eventually 200 feet long and 20 feet high and hikers would often climb on top of it. It decomposed by 2016 but the outline of it is apparently still visible. 

Finally, some online have also discovered the source code of the video has a hidden message. Lyrics to Aleister Black's NXT theme "No Man is Ever Truly Good, No Man is Ever Truly Evil" can be seen.

It's also worth noting that one of the wrestlers featured in the video was Cody Rhodes from his days wearing a face mask after his "Dashing" run was brought to an end. Wyatt's last message about the pro wrestling business on his Twitter page was directly connected to Rhodes' claim that wrestling is "a love story."

 "Wrestling is not a love story, it's a Fairy Tale for masochists. A comedy for people who criticize punchlines. A fantasy most can't understand, a spectacle no one can deny. Lines are blurred. Heroes are villains. Budgets are cut. Business is Business," Wyatt wrote back in August. "But it can also be a land where Dead men walk. Where Honor makes you Elite. Where Demons run for office. And Rock bottom is a reason to rejoice. WOOOOO! It's an escape. A reason to point the blame at anyone but yourself for 2-3 hours. An excuse to be a kid again, and nothing matters except the moment we are in. Wrestling is not a love story, it's much more. It's hope. And in a world surrounded in hate, greed and violence, a world where closure may never come. We all know a place that has hot and cold hope on tap. For better or for worse."