WWE Reportedly Reviving More Themed Episodes of WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown

One day after Adam Pearce and Baron Corbin teased the return of WWE's King of the Ring tournament, [...]

One day after Adam Pearce and Baron Corbin teased the return of WWE's King of the Ring tournament, @WrestleVotes popped up with a new report on Thursday stating WWE is planning on bringing back more themed episodes of weekly television. On top of the potential for a new tournament bracket, other ideas like "Old School Raw" (in which Raw is set up to resemble its classic mid-90s look) and Cyber Sunday were named.

The latter was a pay-per-view that ran from 2004-2008, originally called Taboo Tuesday, and centered around fans voting for matches and certain stipulations. The concept was later brought over to Raw where fans could vote on the WWE App, but it hasn't been used in quite some time.

The notion of a King of the Ring tournament (there hasn't been one since 2019) was brought up on The Bump after Corbin was asked about Shinsuke Nakamura repeatedly stealing his crown.,

"I think everyone has had their eye on it, just like people do with a Championship title," Corbin said. "They want an opportunity, they want a chance, they want to own it and they want to earn it. That's what the crown does to people. Then you have people who are cowards like Shinsuke who want to steal it. But at least Xavier Woods wants to earn an opportunity to wear the crown. It's important to him, to his career. I'm happy to make it a disappointment and a regret in his long career that he will have, that he came up short in something he really wanted. A tournament is what's necessary to wear that crown and I won it. If you want a shot, talk to somebody, cry to people, and try to get it another tournament up. Xavier Woods, I would love to face him in the tournament. His dream will be cut short, but I'm happy to do it and defend it in the right circumstances."

WWE will return to the road with a 25-city tour beginning on July 16. Which gimmick episode of Raw/SmackDown do you want to see come back? Let us know in the comments below!