WWE Draft First Picks Revealed, Including Major Change for Seth Rollins

The Monday Night Messiash is going to have to change his name as Seth Rollins is the first major [...]

The Monday Night Messiash is going to have to change his name as Seth Rollins is the first major switch between Raw and Smackdown, being selected by Stephanie McMahon in a giant change. With Seth Rollins having previously started a feud with both Rey Mysterio Jr, and his son Dominick, the former Monday Night Messiah broke down how he is looking forward to "never seeing these two again". Rollins marks a decidedly big change as this will be the first time that Seth has been a part of Friday Night Smackdown, adding a big time name to the second season on Fox for World Wrestlng Entertainment's weekly event.

Seth Rollins has been a big part of the WWE for years now, recently testing his skills, and his ego, against both Rey Mysterio and his son. Following a killer match during WWE's Horror Show, Rollins had seemingly taken the eye of the senior Mysterio, leaving Dominick the task of stepping up and attempting to get revenge for his father. During Summer Slam this year, Dominick was unsuccessful at defeating the man who was able to nearly take his father's eye, but did a worthy job of proving just how far he's come.

WWE shared the first brief interview with Seth following the announcement that he would be joining Friday Night Smackdown, leaving us wondering just what the weekly program has in store for the professional wrestler who might have to change his name to the "Friday Night Messiah":

The Draft for both Smackdown and Raw is continuing to reveal new picks throughout the night, with another big pick coming in the form of Roman Reigns joining Smackdown as well. With Raw announcing that they would be adding the female phenomenon of Asuka to their roster, along with the Hurt Business trio, the Monday night installment for World Wrestling Entertainment is definitely looking to compete with their Friday night counterpart. On top of these picks, Drew McIntyre has also joined Monday Night Raw, retaining the World Championship Belt as he remains with the weekly program.

What do you think of Seth Rollins switching from Raw to Smackdown? What do you think Rollins new name will be since he can no longer be the "Messiah" of Monday Night? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling!

"The WWE Draft continues throughout SmackDown and Monday night during Raw. You can follow the latest up to date news on the draft, including every superstar taken throughout, with our WWE Draft tracker at this link."