WWE SummerSlam: Seth Rollins Defeats Dominik Mysterio in Malicious Street Fight

Dominik Mysterio put up a valiant effort in his debut WWE match, but he wound up coming up short against Seth Rollins in a Street Fight at SummerSlam. The match wound up involving tables, chairs, kendo sticks, handcuffs, Rey Mysterio and Dominik's own mother before culminating in Rollins nailing a Curb Stomp while a helpless Rey was just out of reach.

Prior to the match Dominick asked Rey to give him his word that he wouldn't get involved in the match. After enduring some early offense from the rookie, Rollins showed he clearly outclassed the young man. He had Murphy had him a chair and started baiting Rey to run in and get involved, only for Dominik to beg him off. The young man avoided a Curb Stomp, and unleashed a flurry of offense that included a tornado DDT.

Dominik then got his hands on a kendo stick and started unleashing blows on "The Monday Night Messiah." He eventually made his way to the top rope, only for Rollins to nail him with a Superplex/Falcon Arrow combination for a two count.

Rollins started wailing on Mysterio with a pair of kendo sticks, then had Murphy slide a table into the ring. He set it up in the corner placed Dominik on the top turnbuckle and started mocking Rey. Dom used the opening to nail Rollins, then sent him through a table with a Side Russian Leg Sweep while using a kendo stick.

He then hit a Five Star Frog Splash for a two count. He went out to ringside to grab a chair, but Rollins quickly regaind consciousness and became enraged. He powerbombed Dom, then started hitting him again with a kendo stick. Murphy slid him a pair of handcuffs, which prompted Rey's wife to come out on the entrance ramp. Murphy decided to finally get involved and tried to blind Dom, which caused Rey to finally get involved.


The numbers gave eventually gave the heels the advantage, leading to Rey getting handcuffed to the second rope. Seth tried to go after Rey's wife, which led to Dominik making the save. He tossed Rollins back in the ring, hit a 619 and tried for another Frog Splash but Rollins lifted his knees. He hit the Curb Stomp in front of Mysterio for the win.