Seth Rollins Revives Classic Rey Mysterio Storyline on WWE Raw with Dominik, Aalyah Paternity Test

Now that Rey Mysterio's son Dominik has been signed as a full WWE superstar, it was only a matter [...]

Now that Rey Mysterio's son Dominik has been signed as a full WWE superstar, it was only a matter of time before someone had referenced one of Dominik's most prominent roles way back when. During the latest episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins hilariously brought back the storyline between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero in which Guerrero claimed that Mysterio was not Dominik's father. Back then, it only involved Dominik but this time around Rollins is shifting things a bit further. Because Mysterio's daughter Aalyah is now being put into the thick of things as well in order to give this classic a new spin.

Rollins came to Raw with a mysterious envelope and invited the Mysterio family to come out as he had some unique information for them. It's then revealed that Rollins had sought out a paternity test in which he claimed that Dominik was not Mysterio's son (just like the classic storyline with Guerrero). Even the official WWE on FOX Twitter account had to point it out:

Mysterio rightfully brushed this aside by calling attention to the fact that it didn't work out the first time. Although neither he nor Rollins mention Guerrero by name, it's clear that Mysterio wants to avoid going down the same story again. So Rollins shook it up and states that it wasn't Mysterio's son that he had tested, but that Mysterio's daughter is not his own.

Pointing to the fact that Mysterio's daughter had shown concern for Murphy (rather than her brother) during his recent cage match against Dominik, it's clear that now the entire Mysterio family will be involved for whatever may be the next phase of this feud between Rollins and Mysterio. What is also clear is just how much fun Rollins might be having with this story as he's made other callbacks to the past as well.

But what do you think? Curious to see what is next to come in this feud between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family? How do you feel about Mysterio's family becoming such a central part of WWE Monday Night Raw? What do you think of Dominik Mysterio's time with the company so far? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!