Triple H Talks Bringing Becky Lynch Back for Survivor Series WarGames

Becky Lynch made her surprise return to WWE programming on last week's SmackDown, joining Bianca Belair's team for Saturday's WarGames match at Survivor Series. Lynch wound up being the deciding factor in that match, nailing a diving legdrop from the top of the cage through a table in order to knock out both Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky for the victory. The match was not only Lynch's first since suffering a separated shoulder at SummerSlam back in July, but it also served as a payoff for her getting written off TV by being attacked by Damage CTRL backstage. 

Paul "Triple H" Levesque discussed Lynch's return during the post-show press conference following Saturday's show. He said, "I heard Becky out here talking about the scenario, and when you come back off a serious injury like that, it really messes with your mind. 'Can I do this? Is it going to be the same?' In Becky's case, 'is my arm going to pop out of the socket the second I do something.' You have to have a lot of trust in your surgeons and your rehab process and everything you've been through, but you're nervous and it's tough. When the words WarGames were first mentioned to Becky as a conversation around [her] return, 'How would you step in the ring for the first time? What about WarGames?' There was a moment where I think she was like, 'Really?' She put some thought into it and a few moments later in the phone call she was like, in typical Becky fashion, 'Screw it, let's go.' 

"To go from that level of nerves to 'screw it,' let's go,' to the next morning, I get a phone call that says, 'Becky is thinking about jumping off the top of the cage and doing a leg drop through the table, what do you think?' She didn't really take her time in getting comfortable with WarGames," he added. "The level of commitment that comes with our talent for things like that, it's tough for people that don't have that level of physicality that don't do this on a daily basis for them to understand. My hats off to them and Becky for stepping into this in that manner, coming off that injury, and everyone out there tonight."

The fallout from the Women's WarGames match will be seen tonight on Monday Night Raw. Stay tuned for full coverage of the show tonight! 

(h/t Fightful)