Triple H on Taking Over WWE Creative, Paul Heyman's Potential Involvement

Paul "Triple H" Levesque is the new WWE Head of Creative, which signifies a new era for WWE programming going forward after roughly 40 years of Vince McMahon serving as the company's booker. But a question that has popped up since WWE confirmed Levesque's new role is whether or not Paul Heyman will be involved on the creative team as well. The "Special Counsel" to Roman Reigns is seen as one of the greatest creative minds in the business and has worked on the creative side for WWE multiple times. But every time he has an official position in creative, like when he was Executive Director of Monday Night Raw from 2019-2020, he would wind up butting heads with McMahon. 

Levesque was asked about Heyman's involvement during a media scrum on Friday. "The Game" was open to the idea but noted he wants everyone to be pitching ideas. 

"There are a massive pair of shoes to fill that I'm trying in some way to step into. But I do not dream for one second that I can fill those shoes by myself. It's going to take a lot of us, it's going to take a team, it's going to take everybody here to fill those shoes and continue this in, but we will," Levesque said in his opening comments.

"I want ideas from everybody," he said when asked about Heyman. "I want thoughts from everybody. To me, this is inclusive. That goes for the talent — when I say it's going to take all of us, it's going to take all of us. And I want that. Paul is one of the best promos in the history of this business. So who better? When I asked him to be a part of this (the tryouts in Nashville), he was thrilled... Who better to come here and talk about that skill? Paul has the gift of gab, always has. Who better to come here and motivate these kids?"

Heyman will be directly involved in Saturday's SummerSlam main event, as he'll be in Reigns' corner for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match between "The Tribal Chief" and "The Beast" Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match. This will be the seventh time Reigns and Lesnar have clashed in one-on-one action on WWE pay-per-view and the company is advertising it as the final time.