Report: What Vince McMahon's Retirement Could Mean for Paul Heyman

Vince McMahon's sudden departure from WWE could be good news for Paul Heyman if recent reports are to be believed. Following the announcement that McMahon would be stepping down from all positions within WWE, Stephanie McMahon has been promoted to Co-CEO and Chairwoman, Nick Khan is now a Co-CEO and Paul "Triple H" Levesque will oversee the WWE Creative team on top of being the Head of Talent Relations. Heyman has dabbled with running WWE Creative in the past, though he infamously butted heads with Stephanie back when he was overseeing SmackDown in the early 2000s. 

However, according to PWTorch's Wade Keller, that working relationship has noticeably improved in the years since then. He added that it's a situation to keep an eye on, but didn't confirm if Heyman would be joining the WWE Creative team as many fans are now hoping for. 

"He ran ECW, he revolutionized the wrestling industry," Keller said. "Without him there is no Attitude Era, I don't think. And then he has worked with WWE and he butted heads with Stephanie McMahon. As I've talked about in recent months, it seems like to people that have seen them that Heyman and Stephanie get along. You know like, genuinely, there's a chemistry and a dynamic between them that's very positive. And that's very different than you know, 15-20 years ago. So, Heyman is someone to watch. He's really, really smart. And he is a wrestling guy."

"I've often wondered if he and Nick Khan have gotten close," he added, speculating the Heyman/Khan relationship. "I don't know how Nick Khan would feel equipped to deal with Paul Heyman given what he might hear about Paul Heyman over the decades, but Paul is not the same person he was 15-20 years ago. People say how him having kids really changed him and just growing up and maturing and now he's the type who more scoffs at people who are like him -- He scoffs at people who are like him at the age that they're at now, more than being like them, if that makes sense. So you know, Paul is somebody to watch too. He's so smart and he's so connected to big names [such as] Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey [and] Roman Reigns. So depending on how things shake out, Triple H and Stephanie may be leaning on Paul, and he could be in their inner circle. And that would be quite a powerful trio of people who could take WWE into the next era on the wrestling side, Nick on the business side, and then Stephanie, Paul and Paul...So that's something to watch."