WWE's Zelina Vega Posts Jaw-Dropping Nessa Cosplay to Celebrate the Pokemon Isle of Armor Release

WWE's Zelina Vega celebrated the release of the Pokemon Isle of Armor expansion DLC over the weekend by posting a positively stunning cosplay of the gym leader Nessa from Pokemon: Sword and Shied. The Monday Night Raw star wrote on Twitter, "Popping out of the @NintendoAmerica Switch into real life like NESSA. Playing @Pokemon's new #IsleofArmor I love it!" She then added a few more photos to her Instagram story, one of which stated that Nessa was her favorite in the latest game installment.

By Sunday morning Vega's video post had more than 17,000 views. Some of her previous cosplays include Catwoman, Mortal Kombat, Mystique, and Street Fighter. She has also previously shown her love for Pokemon by doing a Jessie and James cosplay with fellow wrestler Andrade.

For those who aren't familiar with the franchise, Nessa appears as the second gym leader to face in the game, boasting a party of a Goldeen, Arrokuda and Drednaw. A second battle with her at Wyndon Stadium proves to be much more difficult, as she'll bring out a Golisopod, Pelipper, Barraskewda, Seaking and a Gigantamaxed Dreadnaw, all of which are over Level 50.

One of Vega's most impressive cosplays recently popped up on Monday Night Raw, when she arrived in an outfit made by the same people who created Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman costume from Batman Returns.


In recent weeks Vega's faction on Raw has hit a bit of a rough patch. Austin Theory was kicked out of the group (and promptly joined up with Seth Rollins and Murphy) and Andrade and Angel Garza have continued to bicker with each other, costing both of them matches against the likes of Apollo Crews and Kevin Owens.

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