WWE: Andrade Almas, Zelina Vega Show 'Pokemon' Love With Team Rocket Cosplay

Two of the hottest rising superstars on WWE's roster are the dangerous duo of Andrade 'Cien' Almas [...]

Two of the hottest rising superstars on WWE's roster are the dangerous duo of Andrade "Cien" Almas and his manager Zelina Vega over on SmackDown Live, and they constantly prove why they should take the top spots with awesome shout outs like their latest tribute to Pokemon.

Cosplaying as another famously dangerous duo, Pokemon's Team Rocket, the two tell the rest of the wrestling world to prepare for trouble and make it double. You can check out the photos from Vega's Instagram page below.

Zelina Vega has shown her love for comic book characters like The Joker and Catwoman, and videogames like Mortal Kombat through her various ring gear and cosplay before, but this latest Team Rocket cosplay takes it one step further as she collaborates with her in-ring partner Cien Almas. The two have made major waves on the WWE roster ever since they were put together, and there are no signs of stopping yet.

The two even recently announced their entries into the Men and Women's Royal Rumble matches this year, and the prospects are bright. Let's just hope that they don't share the fate of Team Rocket at the end of every Pokemon episode and go "blasting off" out of the ring when it's all said and done, however.

If you haven't kept up with the current run of the anime, Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon is described as such, "What starts as a summer vacation in the tropical Alola region turns into the next exciting chapter in Ash Ketchum's quest to become a Pokémon Master! There's plenty for Ash and Pikachu to explore in this sunny new region, with exciting new Pokémon to discover and interesting people to learn from along the way—including the cool Professor Kukui and the fun-loving Samson Oak.

More new faces will help guide Ash's Alolan adventure, in the form of a group of skilled Trainers—Kiawe, Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles—and a mysterious research assistant called Lillie. Frequent foes Team Rocket have also made the trip to Alola, looking to swipe some high-powered new Pokémon. But they have some heavy competition on the villainy front: the ruffians of Team Skull, who delight in causing chaos and may have more sinister intentions..."