Captain America: Civil War - Five Villains Daniel Bruhl Could Be Playing

Rumor has it German actor Daniel Bruhl will play a villain when he appears in Captain America: Civil War -- and there are, as most fans know, no shortage of German villains in the Captain America franchise.

Heck, the character's known for punching Hitler in the face.

Here's a list of five German villains that could make sense to appear in Captain America: Civil War.

Baron Zemo

A characters that everyone has been expecting to show up for quite some time, Baron Zemo is one of Captain America's longest-running and most recognizable villains -- and one that Marvel would probably love to introduce into the cinematic universe, since he comes with so much storytelling potential in the form of his involvement with the Thunderbolts.

Nikolaus Geist

A German scientist with ties to the Nazis (that'd push Bucky's buttons), HYDRA (a key player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- and particularly in the Captain America franchise) and a history of genetic experimentation that includes working with otherworldly and/or mystical creatures that might put him at odds with Doctor Strange, Geist is a little-known character who could nevertheless make a big impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe if given the right story.

Baron Mordo

Here's your odds-on favorite if you believe Variety. They claim that the character Bruhl will play is not a major player in Captain America: Civil War but could be the lead villain in Doctor Strange. In various different versions of the script over the last couple of years, Mordo has always been a menace to the Marvel Universe.

Red Skull

Clones of the Red Skull have often been big players in the Captain America mythology, as Johann Schmidt always has a plan to survive. That Skull and his daughter Sin were major players in Ed Brubaker's Captain America run, which included The Winter Soldier and the death of Steve Rogers following the events of Civil War, it woudn't be all that surprising to see that element of his character move to the screen.


...Well, of course. This one has to be it.

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    It's about time Baron Zemo makes his cinematic debut.

  1. What if it's all a ruse!? HE COULD BE PETER PARKER! :D

  2. I dont see the need for a villian in this movie, if its in effect captain america vs iron man

  3. Baron Zemo most likely. Not sure why red skull would be a choice, when they would most likely bring back the previous actor. 

  4. The actor who played red skull said that he would never do another comic book movie again and that he hates the whole idea of them so no they couldn't just bring the actor back.

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