X-Men: Days Of Future Past Rogue Cut To Be Released Summer 2015, Will Be Distinct Film


Fox Home Entertainment executive vice president of marketing communications, James Finn, has confirmed via Twitter that the “Rogue Cut” of X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released in the summer of 2015 (via X-Men Films).

The film’s “Rogue Cut” will reinstate Rogue’s rescue sequence, which was cut from the film’s theatrical release and not included with the film’s first Blu-ray release. The scene is an action sequence in which Magneto and Iceman must break Rogue out of one of the future mutant concentration camps, so that she can absorb the wounded Kitty Prdye’s powers and take over as Wolverine’s time travel anchor.

Finn goes on to say that the “Rogue Cut” is a “distinct film” from the original, and the Blu-ray will not include the theatrical release of Days of Future Past. Additionally, the “Rogue Cut” Blu-ray will have its own unique set of special features, none of which were previously included on the Days of Future Past Blu-ray.

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    • Flash187
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    Sounds really cool and interesting but it still seems an obvious, like everything else in life, ploy to make an extra buck...

    • DSniner
    • 1240 Posts in 31 Months

    I just got X-Men:DoFP on Blu-Ray,doubt I'll get the 'Rogue Cut'.

  1. How about an "Iceman" cut?  One of the best x-men and has been shafted in all of the films 

  2. Anonymous17433 said ... (original post)

    How about an "Iceman" cut?  One of the best x-men and has been shafted in all of the films 

    Not to Colossus levels though.

  3. This is like when a singer releases an album and then releases it again with a couple extra tracks and calls it an "ultimate edition." The hardcore fans who purchased the cd (or in this case, blu-ray) when it first came out are the ones who get shafted. I'm really glad I waited on this one.

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