Could Spawn Be Coming To Mortal Kombat X


Last month, Todd McFarlane revealed that NetherRealm Studios asked and received permission to use Spawn in their Mortal Kombat X video game.

At that time, McFarlane wasn't sure if his character would be used, but a recent tweet from Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat co-creator and Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios, suggests that a Spawn announcement could be right around the corner.

Makes sense since the video game developer has recently announced several non-Mortal Kombat characters that will appear in the game and be playable, like Predator and Jason Voorhees.

Mortal Kombat X goes on sale April 14th.

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  1. I hope Spawn's in the game. He would be such a cool character to play as.Plus, since all of the DLC characters for the Kombat Pack have been revealed, this means Spawn would be on-disc when the game is released.Everyone likes guest characters to not be DLC, right?

  2. A few places have claimed that Freddy and Spawn are indeed two regular characters on the disc. 

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