Asa Butterfield Reportedly Cast As Spider-Man

Marvel and Sony Studios have reportedly chosen Asa Butterfield as the new cinematic Spider-Man.

As certain reports claim, Marvel is entering negotiations with Butterfield’s reps for the deal. While neither side has signed any paperwork, Umberto Gonzalez thinks that an official announcement will come once the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Latino Review is backing Gonzalez's rumors, claiming that Marvel has already officially cast Butterfield as Peter Parker and his wall-crawling alter-ego. What’s more, Latino Review is reporting that Captain America: Civil War will indeed mark the new cinematic Spider-Man’s debut.

Stay tuned to for more Spider-Man rumors as they develop.

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  1. I dunno even know who this kid is!

    • gebzin
    • 1 Posts in 20 Months

    "Ender's Game" and "hugo" good actor.. could be a great teenage Peter! 

  2. Oh, great. Another Brit.

  3. MrMustang1965 said ... (original post)

    I dunno even know who this kid is!

    You know that boring ass movie Ender's Game? Yeah thats the kid.. He was also on that movie Hugo from Martin Scorcese.

    • Roman415
    • 5 Posts in 20 Months

    He looks younger then 15

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