Batman V. Superman Rumor Round-Up: Everything We Know So Far


Batman v. Superman won’t hit theatres until next spring, but that hasn’t stopped a plethora of rumors from spreading across the Internet. We’ve summarized some of the more popular rumors below, including ones that have already been at least partially confirmed by producers and/or actors. Be advised that though not much of the movie’s plot has been confirmed, the following contains rumored SPOILERS, Read on at your own risk!

The Plot

The movie will center on the debate over whether Superman is a superhero or an extreme threat. Detractors will point to Metropolis’s destruction in Man of Steel as proof of Superman’s capability for great destruction. Both Lex Luthor and Batman see Superman as dangerous and will pursue different means to stop him before another city is destroyed. Batman will pursue diplomatic channels as Bruce Wayne to limit Superman’s influence before confronting him, while Lex Luthor will experiment with Kryptonian technology to create deadlier ways of stopping Superman.
The heroes:

Batman’s appearance in Batman v. Superman is much different than what we’ve seen in past Batman films. Ben Affleck’s Batman is older and seasoned superhero with decades of experience. Affleck has described his Batman as “weary” and he may have experienced the deaths of multiple Robins prior to the film. Leaked set pictures revealed a gravestone for Dick Grayson (AKA the first Robin) and Jason Todd’s death at the hands of the Joker is rumored to be canon for the film as well. Judging from promo pictures of the Batmobile and a scene from the first movie trailer, Affleck’s Batman may have a more lenient stance on guns than his comic book counterpart. The Batcave will also appear in the film, filled with mementoes from his past battles, including a tattered Robin costume.

Wonder Woman is also set to appear in the film, but it’s unclear how big a role she’ll play. Producers have stated that their version of Wonder Woman will be a demi-goddess and the daughter of Zeus. A recent rumor also suggests that she will be an older, immortal character and that there will be photos of Wonder Woman dating back to the 1800s. She may also be a potential love interest for either Batman or Superman.

Other heroes that will appear in the film include Cyborg and Aquaman. Aquaman will have a scene with Superman in the film, confronting him over the damage to the ocean caused by the Kyptonian attack in Man of Steel. Cyborg’s role is much smaller and will only appear as a small cameo in a film ending montage. Neither Flash nor Green Lantern will appear in the movie.

The Villains

 As stated above, the movie’s three main villains are rumored to be Lex Luthor, Metallo, and Doomsday. LexCorp is being depicted as a hip, edgy company in line with Facebook or Google. Luthor will use Kryptonian technology to create both Metallo and Doomsday. Luthor’s battle suit may also make an appearance in the film. Tao Okamoto will play

Mercy Graves, Luthor’s deadly bodyguard/assistant.

Scoot McNairy is rumored to play Metallo in the upcoming film. Metallo will be kryptonite-powered and there’s a scene where Clark Kent discovers his weakness to kryptonite when confronted by Metallo out of costume.

Doomsday’s appearance is less certain, but he’s rumored to be the villain that unites Batman and Superman at the end of the movie. One rumor suggests that Michael Shannon, who played Zod in Man of Steel, will voice Doomsday and that Lex Luthor will somehow create Doomsday from Zod’s corpse.

KGBeast will appear as a minor antagonist in a scene that introduces Batman. However, no other Batman villains will directly appear in the film.


The Influences

Director Zack Snyder drew heavily from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns when making the film and fans of the comics will notice several movie elements ripped straight from that comic. Batman’s costume is almost identical to his appearance in The Dark Knight Returns.

WB is also using the movie to really jumpstart their wider DC Cinematic Universe. In addition to the appearance of several Justice League members, there will be tons of references to different parts of the DC Universe, including many Batman villains and hints of other heroes such as the Blue Beetle or Martian Manhunter.
So which of these rumors do you think are true? What rumors did we miss? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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    • cimmerian
    • 820 Posts in 31 Months

    I'm disappointed you didn't mention any of the rumors from the last 2 years that seem to be utter bullshit. Denzel as GL, Carrie Kelley Robin, Adam Driver as Nightwing, Scoot McNairy as the Flash, on and on and on. This article is really just a collection of fan theories and assumptions. Doomsday still seems very implausible to me and I highly doubt he'll have anything to do with the film at all. As far as Metallo....sure, why not. As good a theory as anything else, but beyond some green screen socks what do you have to back that up with? He could be a disabled character for all you know. I challenge you guys to write an honest piece about every bullshit rumor you reported on about this film after it comes out and all the rumors are laid to rest. Tally up how much of it was right (very little we know already) versus what was actually in the film and compare it. I think it would be a public service to the community and to yourselves to examine what happened to the nerd media on this movie and how so many people published utter crap rumors that they knew were garbage in order to fuel clicks.

    • Dixikid23
    • 195 Posts in 29 Months

    I can see Doomsday being created at the end of the film and maybe them using Zod's voice and body to do it. But I doubt we'll see anything more than a Thanos like teaser at the end to hint at what's next. Personally I like the idea of Bruce trying to take on Superman diplomatically and I wouldn't object to him still trying too by the end of the film, even if Batman is playing nice with him, which means he'd still not know his identity, which is fine by me! Personally I can imagine Batman and Superman fighting, then Lex creating Metallo to stop Superman, which unites the two and it's actually Batman that calls in Cyborg at the end to form the Justice League to keep an eye on Superman. Which could even include Aquaman because of the damage he caused to the ocean, he'd have more reason than most to want to stick close to him. The speculation is fun, but seriously, this film is going to be awesome, even on principle alone. Finally, a live action Justice League movie is on its way!

    • JTall
    • 76 Posts in 29 Months

    Doesn't really seem like BvS to me. I guess we will see.

  1. Great once again, no Robin/Nightwing... If it is true what this says. They might have killed him off because of the Titans Tv show but at least some Tim Drake....

  2. I don't like the doomsday idea. you've got Lex and Metallo use them as villians 

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