Decoding Convergence With Jeff King: The Finale

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    • pbuff
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    Basically what's this is saying is that we have the Pre-Crisis unlimited infinite Multiverse back again. And Each Timeline since Pre-Crisis are part of this infinite multiverse. As well as those Earths that were around Pre-Crisis but have not been seen since then.

  1. Unless someone says otherwise, the characters plucked from pre-Zero Hour Metropolis and pre-Flashpoint Gotham are gone. Couldn't have Brainiac leave their cities with Telos. Nope. Now that would have made for an interesting Earth.

    • slakker9
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    Man, if I hadn't already had a headache today, I'd probably have one now. I know that DC is trying to move to a looser continuity, but my brain is still trying to figure everything out. 

    So if Parallax and Pre-Flashpoint Superman were enough to tip the scales and prevent the collapse of the multiverse in COIE, then I guess Zero Hour and Infinite Crisis didn't happen. (Just focusing on the main events referenced in JL #40.) I assume, though, that Flashpoint still had to take place since that led to the New 52 universe/multiverse that will still be predominantly featured in most DC titles.

    I don't really like his answer about Waverider. Why wouldn't the one in Convergence: Booster Gold #2 be the same one in Convergence #8??

    I hope that we get to revisit Brainiac and Telos in the somewhat near future. I'm curious to learn about their Post-Convergence roles.

    Oh, and by the way, thanks for using my question!

    • pbuff
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    Though those events (zero hour, etc) may not have happened to the Main Earth...those Earths and their unique Histories are taking place on an Earth in the new unlimited Multiverse. So There's an Earth out there like Pre-Crisis Earth 1, an Earth like Post Crisis Earth up to Zero Hour where it branches out into its unique unknown history, same with Post Zero Hour and Post Infinite Crisis.

  2. I actually had predicted that the post-Convergence Earth-2 would be Telos -- but with a patchwork of stranded cities and heroes from throughout a number of dead timelines. I maintain it would have been incredibly interesting if they'd gone that way.

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