Genndy Tartakovsky Wants A Samurai Jack Movie Or TV Mini-Series (Exclusive!)

If you've been feeling like a Ronin samurai since Samurai Jack went off the air, you may have some hope of finding your beloved Samurai once more.

Genndy Tartakovsky, who has Hotel Transylvania 2 opening in theaters this weekend, would also like to see one last Samurai Jack story be told.

Speaking to him yesterday, Tartakovsky opened up about what could bring him back to television after making the jump into feature films. "I think through the years, after we finished Jack, almost every year it seems like Samurai Jack has gotten more and more popular and more and more people have seen it," Tartakovsky explained. "I feel like it's culminating to a fever pitch almost. I feel like it's time to maybe finish the story. We've been trying to get the feature off the ground but maybe that's just fate's way of saying this is a television thing and maybe it should be a mini-series or something like that."

In agreement, I told Tartakovsky, I (like many of you, I'm sure) can see a Samurai Jack movie coming along in the future. "Yeah, I could too - just nobody else in Hollywood can," he chuckled back at me.

Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania 2 is now playing in theaters. For more on our chat with Tartakovski, where we talked Hotel Transylvania 2, his Luke Cage comic, and super heroes, check it out right here!

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    So do we Genndy. Get er' done.

  1. Samurai Jack was the most beautiful, best scripted cartoon on TV. It wasnt just a cartoon but art molded into a cartoon format. Getting that formula right will be tough especailly for the general audiences as this animation was a little too adult for children but most adults except for us fan boys wont bother seeing it because its a cartoon. If they can do it well however I would love to see this character again.

  2. Wanted this for years...Pure class.

  3. Genndy is such a tool. He's been quoted saying that is Hotel Transylvannia 1 did good he would start working on SamJack. Now he's saying the same thing for HT2. This guy will never get it done. He has the money, why does he need a studio? JUST MAKE IT! Hell ask for damn money from the fans and we will give it to you!

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