Batman V. Superman Deal With Turkish Airlines Includes Plane Used In Pivotal Scene



  1. Another example of American Companies 'selling out' to Foreign-Interests and the coming Global-One-World Government pushed by the Elite. I wasn't going to pay money to see this movie in a theater anyway, but now I won't pay to rent it either. I'll see it for free like most viewers. Thanks, for helping sell what's left of America down the river, WB.

  2. This article was probably written by one of the 'Turks' that WB is in bed with, so English is not exactly their first laguage.  The idea that they would ever even consider doing business with the likes of 'Turks' is downright sickening and a bitchslap to all U.S. Service Men & Women who are fighting the same types of enemies that WB is more than happy to work with in making a movie.  -Disgusting!

    Maybe a boycott of not only this movie but all WB films should be considered.

  3. I dunno, does Turkish Airlines expect people to flock to their company after seeing them in this film>? Of course, another very logical guess is that something very unpleasant and superhero-y happens in that "critical scene", something that other airlines didn't want people to identify with their exceedingly safe and non-crashy airplanes.

  4. I assume you were equally outraged by the deal that Marvel struck with China (the country, mind you, not a private company) to have Chinese scientists save Tony's life in Iron Man 3 and have an extra scene added to the Chinese release. So I guess you'll be boycotting all Disney and Marvel movies along with all WB movies? I sure admire your integrity...