First Footage Of Mr. Freeze In New Gotham Promo


Fox has released a new Gotham promo for the back-half of Season 2 that features our first look at Mr. Freeze in action!

When Gotham makes its midseason premiere at the end of this month we will be introduced to Nathan Darrow (House of Cards) as Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze. We've seen a few official images of him in his costume, but now we can see him firing his Freeze Gun at a police office in this latest TV spot.

Check out the promo in the video below.


Gotham returns with all-new episodes February 29th on FOX!

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  1. Gotham has to represent an alternate universe, given that they are introducing villains that didn't even come into existence until Batman came. Though after reading his New 52 origin, that may be where they are drawing inspiration. Honestly, I'm still on the fence with this one, and I also wonder where it fits into DC's TV Universe. Given that The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl are all connected.

    • Helix935
    • 5 Posts in 22 Months

    It represents Earth-1 like in the New 52 while Flash. Arrow, LoT, and Supergirl are Earth-Prime or Earth-0 as it is known

    • LuffyKing
    • 90 Posts in 16 Months

    No, I believe DC gave every tv show an Earth number unless they are connected then it's the same via Arrow and Flash and maybe Supergirl I read here on

    • MouseTM
    • 17 Posts in 16 Months

    Honestly I'm really getting sick of the unlimited alternate universe stories that have been plagueing comic movies and tv shows, like what The Flash is doing right now. Not to confuse alternate universes with modified origin stories.

    So far I have really enjoyed Gotham with the exception of a few actors... who shall remain nameless.

    I loved the first season of Arrow. Season 2 was half/half. Season 3 was just stupid (everyone keeps getting resurrected by Ra's pool). And Season 4 is the most atrocious season yet. The show has gone from being a good type of "campy", to just terrible. And that seems to be the direction The Flash is going as well unfortunately. Roughly 4 or 5 people have died and been brought back to life using the exact same method - boring.

    I watched the pilot of Legends of Tomorrow and enjoyed maybe 5 minutes of it. I will not continue with it. It's as terrible as S4 of Arrow.

    I have yet to watch Supergirl as I've heard from a lot people it is incredibly feministic. I have no problems with Heroines, but from what I've heard, they try SOO HARD to point out she is female, that it takes away from the show. But, someday I will check it out.

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