DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References In "White Knights"

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  1. Also when captain cold calls Ray Palmer "boy scout" it might be a reference to superman played by Brandon Routh ( who plays Ray)in "Superman Returns"

    • kk5033
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    "White Knights" is also a reference to the 80s movie where Gregory Hines and Mikael Barishnikov defect from the USSR. Given the ballet angle with the Bolshoi? Or am I the only person who has seen this movie?

    • MovieMan
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    Sure looked to me like Valentina was on fire in the previews for next week, I'd say that'd indicate she's getting those powers...

  2. Was hoping to see or hear mention of the Rocket Reds in this episode but maybe they'll show up in a future (or is that past) episode.

    • CB125407
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    Everyone missed the Gotham City Easter egg in the very beginning, when they were traveling to their destination. They cycled through cities and the frame right before their destination was Gotham City 1985.

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