Comic-Con 2016 Has Sold Out


Hopefully you already got your Comic-Con badges for 2016. If not, I have some unfortunate news.

Announced via their twitter page, San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has officially sold out, and in less than an hour. The preview night, Friday, and Saturday tickets sold out in just 40 minutes. Quite an impressive sell through.

While having more interest than space is a good problem to have, it is something that needs to be evaluated at some point. Going to Comic-Con is now becoming more of a crap-shoot than anything. 

Comic-Con 2016 takes place on July 21st through July 24th.

via San Diego Union Tribune


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    • Menalin
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    been in australia, for me to get tickets, i had to stay up all night waiting room opened at 3am for me - so badges went n sale at 4am - unfortunately no luck for me... this system is completely crap - hardly anyone can actually get in and get tickets and if you are coming from overseas, it is very frustrating to get everything organised..

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