James Gunn Says Tom Holland is to Spider-Man What Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man


"Tom Holland is far and away the best Spidey ever," is the bold statement James Gunn issued while sharing today's Captain America: Civil War trailer. The writer/director of the Guardians of the Galaxy films has seen the full movie, and repeated again that it's "one of [his] favorite Marvel movies."

Gunn doubled down in the comments, clarifying, he's the best ever in "the character and portrayal. Holland is to Spidey/Peter Parker as [Robert] Downey [Jr.] is to Iron Man, Ledger was to the Joker, and Pratt is to Quill."

That's about the highest praise you could give someone portraying a comic book character, most fans can agree.

Gunn also assured fans that the trailer doesn't give away much, if anything, of the film's events. He also said on twitter that Holland's take on Spider-Man is "his own thing," and, again, "the best Spidey/Peter Parker ever by a country mile."

So, generally speaking, James Gunn likes Civil War, and Spider-Man in it.