Wonder Woman Star Lynda Carter Coming To Supergirl!


After a special screening of the upcoming "Worlds Finest" episode, executive producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti revealed that they want former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter to appear in a future episode of Supergirl. However, her appearance will have to wait until next season (not yet renewed).

“We had the perfect role for Lynda Carter,” Berlanti told Entertainment Weekly. “We couldn’t work out her schedule. Next year.” Kreisberg interjected, “We’re going to do it, we’ll just do it next year.”

Who's she playing? “She’s the female president of the United States,” Berlanti said.

Carter, 64, played Wonder Woman in her iconic television series from 1975-1979.

Check out preview images in our gallery at the bottom of the page.

“Worlds Finest” episode of Supergirl will air Monday, March 28 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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  1. Thought the show was in fact renewed, or is in just not offical yet.


    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 24 Months

    Cool, but she should be in the new WW movie as WW's mother, kinda sucks all she gets is an episode of a luke warm show like Supergirl...

  2. Let's wait and see if CBS even renews Supergirl for a second season before making all these grandiose plans. The last two episode have gotten rather lousy ratings. There is nothing official from CBS that Supergirl is even getting a second season. Just some vague statement by Les Moonves that they will probably renew five of their new shows. And they have seven new shows, one of which has already been cancelled. So that leaves five out of six.

    • biridenu
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  3. The worst that can happen is that CBS does for some reason cancel Supergirl and it moves to CW and becomes the undisputed #1 show there.

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