Josh McDermitt Says The Walking Dead Finale Is The Show's Best Episode

TWD Eugene Negan

Following Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, had the chance to host a live Q&A and recap of East with Eugene Porter himself, Josh McDermitt.

We took to our The Walking Dead on Facebook page to pose your questions directly to McDermitt and before ending the chat, we had to have him weigh in on what promises to be a brutal finale of the show's sixth season.

Previously, cast members of The Walking Dead have shared their opinions on the big 16th episode of the season and it's been consistently terrifying for fans. Melissa McBride couldn't speak. Lennie James calls it phenomenal. Ross Marquand dubs it the "craziest thing ever." The list goes on. From McDermitt's perspective, it looks just as grim but, at the same time, is very exciting.

"I echo a lot of those sentiments about the episode but ultimately I feel like it's the best episode the show's done in just reading the script. These last eight episodes are some of the best that the show's done. My hat is off to our writers and Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman and our entire crew for just putting together an amazing set of episodes. I really like where the show is headed and I'm excited for it and just reading that finale I was, in a sense, speechless. I can't wait for it to air. I can't believe we're here already! Next week!"

Recap and Q & A with Josh McDermitt!

Posted by The Walking Dead on on Sunday, March 27, 2016

As for how to make sure you're ready for impact on Sunday night, you can't

"People say, 'Well, how do I prepare for it?' There is no preparing for it," McDermitt says. "You're screwed. You are screwed. There is no preparing for it. There's no preparing for the finale and what we have left on the show."

The Walking Dead's extended, 90-minute season finale airs Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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  1. If Carl, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Rick or anybody but Dwight and Negan dies, WE RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Asphyx
    • 24 Posts in 22 Months

    Carol and Morgan will both be safe...

    And yes that guy looking for his Horse is from the Kingdom

    Here is the Episode description for next week's Finale...

    Carol and Morgan come across new survivors. Meanwhile, Rick and the group rush to the Hilltop in a desperate attempt to save Maggie, as the threat posed by Negan and his Saviors grows higher.

    • CB143215
    • 2 Posts in 9 Months

    If I had to choose from the original cast I would choose Carol, Morgan or Judith. Even though Morgan was gone for much of the series he is still from the beginning. And frankly almost completely useless, Carol is becoming the same (not wanting to kill people anymore) because Morgan got to her with the "all life is precious" B.S. and poor Judith is already gone in the comic. Sadly I'm afraid I'm not going to get any of my 3 picks. I think it's going to be Daryl. For the love of God I hope I'm wrong. (I love Daryl) But I can just see his character not really going anywhere. Everyone else seems to be making plans, forming Alexandria bonds, settling into relationships and so on... not Daryl he's pretty much been the same since the prison. Please someone tell me I'm wrong!!! :-/

    • Quinten10
    • 17 Posts in 27 Months

    I would prefer Daryl be the one to go but I highly doubt it will happen (since money trumps story). I love josh McDermott but I wish I could agree with his comments on this season. As someone who has watched since day one this is the first season I truly struggled with staying invested. Still can't help but look forward to next season

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