Fairy Tail Creator Teases Possible Spinoffs Once Series End

If you are dreading the day Hiro Mashima brings Fairy Tail to an end, know that you are not alone. When the manga creator told fans his series would be wrapping soon, readers were not prepared for the fallout. Recently, Mashima confirmed there are two volumes left of Fairy Tail, and the manga’s climax has since gotten underway. Fans have been left to wonder how they will fill the hole Fairy Tail’s end leaves them, but they may not need to be too concerned. Not long ago, Mashima shared a cryptic tweet which suggests the end of Fairy Tail won’t be as final as fans think.

(Photo: A-1 Pictures )

Taking to Twitter, the creator posted a short message for fans in regards to Fairy Tail’s end. “Even though the original manga is ending,” Mashima wrote. “I don’t think Fairy Tail is done just yet. I have a lot of plans, so please look forward to them.”

For now, there is no confirmation that Fairy Tail will get any direct spinoffs or sequels. Mashima has said recently that he plans on starting a new series once Fairy Tail wraps, but the project will not be related to Natsu’s magical guild. Mashima has stressed his new work will focus on new characters, storylines, and universes. Still, that doesn’t mean Fairy Tail will go under for good.

It’s possible that Mashima’s message is referring to his eventual plans to revive Fairy Tail. The creator may take an indefinite break from the series until he feels like there is more Fairy Tail to create. However, the message could refer to something far more common in the industry: anime spinoffs.

When a popular manga or anime ends, it is not unheard of for a series to continue on in a spinoff. After Soul Eater ended, the franchise was eventually brought back for a brief time via Soul Eater Not. Naruto was given a similar treatment this year once Naruto Shippuden ended and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations took its place. The anime industry is not afraid to keep franchises going past their expiration date if stories can be mined, and manga creators have let other writers commandeer their stories to help make that happen. Akira Toriyama has done such for Dragon Ball since his manga ended decades ago, and Toei Animation continues to churn out new content weekly.

While Fairy Tail may not be done just yet, fans will have to wait sometime for a new story to get off the ground. Following the manga’s end, A-1 Pictures will be busy rounding out the anime while Mashima takes a much-deserved break. If Natsu and his guild gang are brought back, it would be years after the fact. So, in the meantime, fans will have to find something to fill the gaping hole Fairy Tail carves out in them when the story wraps.