Today, Marvel's Next Big Thing conference call announced to the comics press that Captain America and Bucky, which resumed the original Captain America numbering and is the title currently co-written by Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko, will become Captain America and Hawkeye with the upcoming issue #629.  That's not the permanent title, though, as arcs immediately following that one will see the star-spangled Avenger teamed with Iron Man and Black Widow, with the title of the comic changing appropriately each time. The creative team, too, will change as Brubaker and Andreyko step aside for writer Cullen Bunn, who will write the initial, four-issue Hawkeye story.

Bunn, who will remain on the title as writer and work with a revolving door of artists according to a story at Newsarama recapping the conference call, relates Captain America's relationship to Hawkeye with the relationship you might have with your siblings; somebody you'd walk through fire for, but who still annoys you to no end. The Hawkeye arc will be drawn by Alessandro Vitti, who won't be around for the Captain America and Iron Man arc but may return to the title in the future. This might be the project that kept him from drawing an issue of DC's relaunched Blackhawks title, on which he was solicited but denied at every possible juncture that he was working.

Though not announced by Marvel, it's probably fair to assume that the arcs following on the heels of those will be Captain America and the Incredible Hulk and Captain America and Thor, given that those are the only to remaining members of The Avengers who will be appearing in this summer's blockbuster movie from director Joss Whedon.