Seeing Lady Gaga And Howard Stern In Men In Black 3 Movie Trailer

Lady Gaga Men In Black 3 So the new Men In Black 3 movie trailer was released today, and the biggest news is that people are attempting to spot various celebrities. One of the best scenes in Men In Black II was when Michael Jackson made a brief cameo, and Will Smith recently revealed that there would be several celebrity cameos in Men In Black 3.

One of the celebrity cameos that Will Smith revealed was that Lady Gaga would make an appearance, but this information has been yet to be confirmed by anyone connected with Lady Gaga. However, thinks they might have spotted Lady Gaga. In the scene in the photo above, she supposedly might be the woman in with lavender hair in the silver dress and glass bubble helmet.

Howard Stern Men In Black 3 There have been no reports that Howard Stern is in Men In Black 3, but some people think they might have also spotted him in the same scene with Lady Gaga. While the appearance of Lady Gaga and Howard Stern is certainly questionable, there are definitely plenty of quirky aliens present in the new Men In Black 3 trailer. Men In Black 3 is scheduled to be released on May 25, 2012.