Spider-Man to Star in Spider-Men

Over at Comic Book Resources, they've exclusively confirmed that Spider-Man will be one of the two titular Spider-Men in Brian Michael Bendis' upcoming series, which begins in June with artist Sara Pichelli. The poster, which had previously shown only two silhouetted figures, now reveals one of them to be a decidedly Silver Age-looking Peter Parker.

Such a look may be at least in part used to separate Spider-Man from his Ultimate Universe counterpart; many fans have speculated that the story will be the first canonical crossover between Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man, given the fact that Bendis is best known for writing Ultimate Spider-Man and that such a story seems a likely way to celebrate Spider-Man's 50th birthday this year, as well as connecting The Amazing Spider-Man to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man in time for fans to be checking out the titles following this summer's release of Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man in theaters.