The Avengers After The Credits Scene Spoiler

Avengers After The Credits Scene Spoiler Before the Avengers world premiere, one of the biggest questions about The Avengers was who the mysterious aliens were. Now, that the Avengers alien identity has been spoiled, the next biggest question seems to revolve around if there is a post credits scene. If you’re wanting to avoid spoilers for The Avengers, then you should stop reading now.

A number of early viewers of The Avengers have confirmed that there is a scene that takes place during the credits of The Avengers. However, the scene takes place a little earlier in the credits than most might traditionally expect, which is an important note to remember for a reason we will soon reveal.

Now, drum roll, last chance to turn away if you don’t want to know….

According to a number of sources, the Avengers in the credits scene involves a second Marvel villain. Which Marvel villain you ask? Well, just as early rumors suggested, the second villain revealed is none other than Thanos. In the comics, Thanos is often referred to as the Mad Titan, and one of his best known storylines was a six issue mini-series called The Infinity Gauntlet. His appearance in the Avengers has long been rumored, as the Infinity Gauntlet was shows in Odin’s vault in the Thor movie.

Because there are still relatively few people who have seen the movie at this point, there has been some conflicting info on exactly what happens in the scene, but most descriptions we’ve heard follow the same pattern. The scene takes place in some dark, smoke-filled, and other-worldly place. An alien approaches Thanos to tell him that Loki failed in his attack on Earth. Something along the lines of attacking Earth again would be courting death is said.

Updated: After the other alien makes his statement, Thanos turns and smiles, as the camera pans into a close-up of his face.

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet

Of course with this information now circulating widely online, it looks like Marvel Studios might have another surprise planned for fans. Here is why we said it was important to remember that the Thanos scene actually takes place within the credits rather than after the credits. Marvel reportedly filmed a last minute mystery scene with The Avengers cast after the world premiere. No one knows what was in the mystery scene, but the easiest place to take on an additional scene would certainly be after the credits. Which means that The Avengers will likely have both an in credits scene as well as an after the credits scene when it is widely released on May 4, 2012.