IDW To Resurrect Marvel's 1980s Transformers Series Beginning in July

On Free Comic Book Day (May 5), fans will get a sneak peek at something rather special that IDW has in store for Transformers fans.

Beginning in July, the publisher will release Transformers: Regeneration 1. The first issue, other than May 5's #80.5, will be #81, by the creative team of Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman, and...

...wait, how did it get to #81 already?

Oh, that's right--just like they did with G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, IDW is resuming the numbering from the fan-favorite 1980s and 1990s ongoing comic book series from Marvel. Using the same creative team, Furman and Wildman will get to pick up just where they left off, but with a book that looks sleeker and shinier given today's digital inks and colors and how well they show up on characters like the Transformers.

Transformers: Regeneration One is an important book to Transformers fans,” IDW Senior Editor John Barber said in a press release, “and expectations are high. Fortunately Simon, Andrew, and Stephen have only gotten better since the last issue!”

That last issue took place in 1991, and a lot has changed since then--not least of which is the public's perception of the Transformers as a viable entertainment property. In 1991, they seemed to be on their way out but now the robots in disguise support a multi-billion-dollar film franchise and everytime the animated series looks like it's starting to fade they just reinvent it and start over.

Picking up after the conclusion of the Marvel series, IDW says that the title begins with a focus on Optimus Prime, keeping a vigil over a Cybertron grown quiet after having not faced Megatron in decades. If there was anyone fooling themselves that such a status quo could last, though, a look at the cover for July's #81 shuts that impression right down.

“The original Transformers saga is back—with a vengeance!” Furman was quoted as saying in the press release. “‘Epic’ doesn’t cover it!”