The Walking Dead: Five Spoilers For Midseason Premiere

The Walking Dead The Suicide King Daryl

The Walking Dead Midseason premiere for season 3 isn’t until Sunday, February 10, but some previews by AMC have revealed several spoilers for the show. One of the spoilers surprisingly ruins the cliffhanger for the midseason finale, while another of the spoilers reveals the death of a cast member. Be warned that some fairly major spoilers are revealed below. Here are the top five spoilers from “The Suicide King” episode of The Walking Dead.

5. Daryl Survives – The big cliffhanger for the midseason finale was that Daryl Dixon had been captured by The Governor. In fact, the promos even tease that The Governor will force Daryl and his brother Merle to battle to the death. Of course, the big suspense over if Daryl will survive is completely spoiled by almost every preview which has shown Daryl in multiple scenes after his Woodbury capture.

4. Tyreese Teams Up With Rick – Tyreese and his group have made their way to the prison, where Carl has wisely locked them up for safety reasons. Will Tyreese and his group fight with or try to team up with Rick’s group? Well, Tyreese tells Rick in a preview that he’ll do “anything to contribute,” so it looks like Tyreese will join team Rick.

3. Axel Gets Killed – After Oscar got killed on the midseason finale, it left Axel as the only surviving member of the group of prisoners. Well, it looks like Axel’s time as sole surviving prisoner won’t last for long. One of the previews shows Carol huddled behind someone who gets shot in the back. By freeze framing the video, it’s not hard to figure out that the person that gets shot in the back has Axel’s hair and is wearing a shirt that Axel has been photographed in.

2. Morgan Returns – It’s been rumored for some time that Morgan from season one would return sometime during season three. In one of the previews, AMC cleverly shows viewers Morgan, but in a way where most were unlikely to realize who he was. A masked man on a rooftop is shown firing at Rick, Carl and Michonne. Due to leaked set photos that man has been identified as none other than Morgan.

1. Second Baby – Of all the spoilers, this one is the one that we’re most unsure of, so we saved it until last. In a very brief scene, a woman and a baby are shown in a car that is being attacked by a walker. The natural assumption would be that the baby is Judith, but the woman holding her doesn’t appear to be a member of Rick’s group. Is it possible that a second baby will be added to the show?