Man Of Steel: Five Crazy Theories

Zod & Darkseid Man of SteelWith Warner Bros. deciding to forego the Super Bowl, there hasn’t been much lately in the way of official Man of Steel news. Of course, there’s been some spoilers leaked via Man of Steel toys and Amy Adams sang part of “Can You Read My Mind,” but no new trailers or official photos in awhile. To tide everyone over until Warner Bros. decides to start promoting their movie again, we’ve compiled a list of the top five crazy theories about the Man of Steel.

5. All Kryptonians Have Super Powers – Of all the crazy theories, this one is our favorite, since it started at During an interview, Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer said, “It’s interesting that he doesn’t know how he flies. He didn’t grow up on Krypton.” In the original Golden Age Superman stories, Kryptonians were a race of super beings, and DC Comics has even hinted that might be the case in the New 52 as well. Instead of the more familiar yellow sun gives him his powers story, could Man of Steel go back to Superman being part of a race of super beings?

4. Zod Works For Darkseid – In various images of Man of Steel toys, Zod is shown with a rather unusual emblem on his chest. Instead of the “Z” for Zod that many might expect, Zod appears to be wearing some type of tilted Omega symbol. And when you think about Omega symbols, who comes to mind? Darkseid does. And of course, Darkseid is rumored to be the chief villain in the Justice League movie.  Coincidence or Warner Bros. laying the groundwork for a Thanos-style after the credits scene.

3. Christopher Reeve Has A Cameo – While on the surface, the possibility of Christopher Reeve appearing in Man of Steel might seem absurd since he passed away years ago, but it’s actually one of the more interesting possibilities. Someone dressed up very similar to how Christopher Reeve looked as Clark Kent was spotted in some Man of Steel set footage. Of course, it wasn’t Christopher Reeve, but it could have been an actor marking the place for a CGI version of Christopher Reeve to be inserted. Giving credibility to this theory are reports that a classic Superman actor will have a cameo in Man of Steel.

2. Gina Carano Plays Wonder Woman – Of course, most have expected Man of Steel to follow the classic romantic link between Superman and Lois Lane. However, in the New 52 comic books, Superman is making time with Wonder Woman and has never even dated Lois Lane. Now, in real life, Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, is dating Gina Carano, who is one of the favorites to play Wonder Woman. Where did the two meet? Well, one theory is they met when Gina was filming her Wonder Woman appearance in Man of Steel.

1. Batman In After The Credits Scene – This is the one theory that just won't go away. Even though Joseph Gordon-Levitt has denied that he will be appearing as Batman in Man of Steel, he wasn’t supposed to be Robin in The Dark Knight Rises either, and we all know how that turned out. Regardless of if Joseph Gordon-Levitt pops up or not, there are pretty persistent rumors that Warner Bros. will do something to help tease a Justice League movie. One good tease would be Batman after the credits, and since Batman wears a mask, it would give Warner Bros. flexibility to use a stand-in in the shadows if they aren’t ready to cast anyone in the role yet.