The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere: Yes, That Zombie Is Hines Ward! 0

Hines Ward Walking Dead

If you’re a football fan, then you might notice a familiar face among the zombies on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. As reported last year by, Hines Ward will be one of the show’s first celebrity zombies.

Hines Ward is a former receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who was also a winning contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Of course, comic book fans might know him best as the guy with the name Ward on the back of his jersey that outraced the collapsing football field in The Dark Knight Rises.

While Ward might be difficult to spot initially with his gruesome zombie makeup applied, one way to pick him out from the horde will be to watch for a zombie with the number 86 bruised into the back of his head. When Hines Ward played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, 86 was his jersey number.

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere airs Sunday, February 10 starting at 9 PM ET on AMC.

Hines Ward The Walking Dead

Hines Ward The Walking Dead

Hines Ward The Walking Dead

Hines Ward Walking Dead 86

Hines Ward Walking Dead

Hines Ward The Walking Dead

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