Complete Jack Kirby Thor Story Original Art For Sale At Auction

If you've got a little over $135,000, you could be the one to own a  complete story of The Mighty Thor original art, pencilled by legendary comics creator Jack Kirby.

Kirby, who co-created the Marvel Comics version of Thor with Stan Lee and designed the character's costume, introduced another new character, the High Evolutionary, in the pages of The Mighty Thor #134, in which the Thunder God faces off against not only that villain, but Galactus as well.

The issue also starred Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in what the cover billed as "the briefest, most unnecessary guest appearance you've ever seen--a joke that got recycled years later when the Punisher outdid this issue by featuring in a single panel in a Fantastic Four comic.

Currently at $135,000, the tale--actually a 16-page story and not the full issue--could be yours over at Comic Link. The cover is not included in the auction, although there is a full-page splash on the first page of the story, featuring Thor in flight.

Included in the issue is a full-page splash of Galactus--the first ever published, since this issue represents the character's fourth-ever appearance. Inks on the issue are provided by Vince Coletta, widely reputed in the industry as fast, reliable...and one of the worst inkers in the business.